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Please note, appointment times are shown as an approximation for you. However, your practitioner will spend the required amount of time necessary for your complaint and in some cases patients do not require the full allotted time.

We will be more than happy to provide a receipt if you are claiming through insurance. It is your responsibility to determine whether any of our services are recognised with your provider.

Free Assessment   


We offer a free 20 minute consultation with a Chiropractor who will happily discuss your treatment options. This can be in person or over the phone and is free of charge with no obligation.     

New Patient


If you have not previously attended the clinic, please book our chiropractic new patient appointment. 1-hour duration.

Chiropractic Treatment


This option is for patients who have had a New Patient appointment and have attended the clinic within a 1 year period. 20-minute duration.

Existing Patient / New Complaint


This appointment is for patients who have developed a new complaint to the one they originally attended the clinic for, or for patients who have not attended an appointment for over 1 year. 40-minute duration.

Shockwave Therapy


The ideal therapy to speed up recovery in acute and chronic conditions. Most commonly used for tendonitis/tendinopathy injuries. 20-minute duration.

Laser Therapy


Laser Therapy minimises inflammation, reduces pain and regenerates tissue. Most commonly used in ligament sprains/muscle strains. 20-minute duration.

Diagnostic Ultrasound


A detailed scan is performed to diagnose the area of your complaint - shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, knee, ankle or foot. 1-hour duration.


For in-house referral

For external referral

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